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What does joining the APSS give?

APSS is the only professional Association in the led industry in Russia.

Pooling resources for global tasks

  • Lobbying the interests of Russian manufacturers of LEDs and led systems at all levels of government and in various sectors of the national economy.
  • Industry representation in cross-industry organizations, corporations, development institutions.
  • Representing the interests of the industry in the media and information space, in foreign organizations and conferences.

Reducing the cost of accessing market information and new technologies:

  • Development of information resources of the industry, discussion platforms, industry conferences.
  • Development of horizontal ties and cooperation.
  • Interaction with scientific organizations.
  • Participation in national and international industry and inter-industry exhibitions and conferences.
  • Support of The roadmap of ROS nanogroup “use of nanotechnologies in the production of LEDs” and the Technological platform “Development of Russian led technologies”.

Improving the effectiveness of marketing:

  • Discounts on participation of Association members in events supported by APSS (exhibitions, press, etc.).
  • Preferential placement of advertising materials in media cooperating with APSS.
  • Preferential participation of APSS members in national and international industry and inter-industry exhibitions and conferences. Combined stands and PR at exhibitions.

Accumulation of resources for implementation of target programs:

  • Creation of a system of voluntary certification of led products.
  • National and sectoral standardization.
  • Legal and patent assistance.
  • Consulting and engineering.
  • Organization of personnel training, professional development, targeted training.

Additional advantage:

Promotion of industry products, education of all consumer groups.

Raising the status of the company is a member of the APSS.